How Can You Brighten Up Your Summer Fun

How Can You Brighten Up Your Summer Fun

How can you brighten up your summer fun? Bright colors grab attention no matter where they are used. Your eye goes directly to them. Whether in a painting or in your fire pit. That’s right! Color is not just for canvas’. I love bright, dancing colors or colors that are used creatively in summer-time bike fun. Let your kids impress the neighborhood. Can you remember when you were a kid with the cards on your spokes. What fun we had. I guess I’m showing my age but technology has come a long way since then.

I’m making my garden stand out this year with fairy string lights that will show off my evenings with color. Add these to your fence or patio for some amazing affects.

If you’re like me, and love to be outside and enjoy the beauty of color in many different aspects, then these beautiful attractive features are sure to brighten up your summer fun.

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