The things I hear at Paint-N-Sip events.

The things I hear at Paint-N-Sip events.

The things I hear at Paint N Sip events.

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Oh if brushes could talk!!!! You would hear the undeniable truths about how people feel when they are trying one of these crazy events for the first time. Sometimes I laugh so hard my cheeks hurt.

Common feelings before the start of the class is fear, intimidation and lots of things said like: ” Mine is not going to look like that”!!! “Mine is going to suck”!! “Oh yeah, Where’s the wine”!!!! “Let’s start drinking so it will look better”!!!! “Oh $#@!, what did you get us into”?

As I try to make everyone comfortable and assure them it is step by step. “I don’t want yours to look like mine, it should look like your own. Have fun with it. That’s what it’s all about”!

We load up on beverages, snacks and get ourselves situated and here comes the fun.

The step by step instruction as we move through the basics of adding paint to the brush then to the canvas. The nerves settle a little and the fun begins. Laughter, little screams when the paint flips out of someones brush into their neighbors hair, a brush gets cleaned in a glass of wine. (That’s always a shame), or the chuckles when someone says OMG I need help”!

The paintings are coming together and the feelings of accomplishment are starting to set in. With the occasional outbursts of “I am not even going to hang mine in the closet”! “Oh crap, well that just isn’t right, I need some more wine please”! Hey ours are twins, they both look like $#@!”

By now my jaws are starting to hurt from laughing because I know by the time we are done, the finished products are going to bring smiles to their faces.

Music is playing, lots of interaction with the painters checking out the little embellishments each other are doing, or not doing. Feeling like a kid again playing and being creative with paint. This is where the comments start coming out that I love. “So that’s how you did that”! “Wow, that looks great! I’m going to try that”! I love the colors in yours”! “Holy cow, I love yours”! “Woo hoo! Ours don’t suck”! “Mine actually turned out better than I thought it would! Must be the wine. LOL”!

When the night is done and the pics are all put together for a gallery shot. The oooos and aaaahhhs and “OMG they look soooo good”! “This is so cool”! and my favorite comment, “When is the next one”? 

This is why I love to do what I do.

Don’t be nervous, don’t worry about how your pic is going to come out. Just come join the fun. Be a kid again and have fun with friends and neighbors and hopefully find a new hobby.

Check out my calendar for the next events.





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