I Want To Paint. What do I Start With?

I Want To Paint. What do I Start With?

“I want to paint!”

What artist supplies do I start with?

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From the time I can remember, this is all I wanted to do. Oils, Acrylics, Watercolor, Pastels, Airbrush, and most other medium you can think of. I have a house full of supplies and use my favorites 90% of the time. If you know me, Acrylics are my passion.

As a new artist, it is very hard to know what to start out with. I get asked a lot at my Paint N Sip events, what do I recommend starting out with?

First step is to think about the medium you want to work with. Oils, Acrylics, etc. Maybe you want to try each one. That’s great. So did I. You will want to start with an all inclusive type kit. One that has some of each. If you want to start with a specific medium such as Acrylics, make sure your paint is all acrylic. Don’t mix mediums. Also make sure your brushes are made for the type of paint you choose, as well as the surface that you are painting on such as canvas or canvas paper, etc.

Keeping it simple is key to starting out. Like having my coffee to start my day and think about what I want to paint. I’m going to share with you a list of what I recommend to start with and also some things that as an artist helps me get through my day. This includes my favorite tool for the end of the day. Can you guess what that is?

My List for Beginner Artists (affiliate link)

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