When in Florida You Paint a Beach Themed Table

When in Florida You Paint a Beach Themed Table

Beach Table Moment 300x169 - When in Florida You Paint a Beach Themed Table

How much fun can 3 sisters have painting together? We painted, we laughed and yes we sipped. This is what we came up with. My sister Colleen had this plain green painted coffee table on her front patio. With an idea and lots of supplies including paint, resin, shells, sand and other beach themed accessories saved for this project. We threw down some tarps and away we go.

We were having so much fun, I forgot to take pictures along the way.

We started out painting the sky and water and out parts of the table with the blues . Let them dry. Then progressively built up the lighter colors in the sun. Add the brown to the sand and outside of the table. Add the birds in the sky.

The rest we did with resin. We set everything in place first. Built up the sand on the beach, added the sea life, shells, plants etc. Then mixed the resin and created some waves. Being sure not to touch the sand until the first layer was dry. Then added clear to the sand to set it in place.  We did 3 layers of waves. Then a final clear coat. We still need to clear coat the lower half, but I had to share.

I love painting and working with resin, but the thing I love the most is creating something special with friends and family. Quality time together with a finished project at the end is priceless.



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